Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jesus' Little Lamb ~ Ana Maria

~Little Lamb ~
Ana Maria
This adorable 5 year old girl is in need of some loving prayers.
Her entire life, she has been in and out of hospitals due to a life-threatening illness called Mitochondrial Disease. You can read all about what that means HERE.
Her parents just made a big decision in reguards to Ana's care and could use some support and lots of prayers. Ana's only chance for a cure is through God. Please consider praying for Ana on a daily basis.

Please also add Ana Maria's button to your blogs (it is on the bottom, right-hand side of our blog) and ask your readers to pray for their family as well.

A man's spirit can sustain his broken body, but when spirit dies, what hope is left? ~ Proverbs 18:14

1 comment:

A FiveOh4 Uplifting said...

She is so darling! Are you close to the family? I'd like to send her a goody bag.


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