Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Planting the Seed.

Nothing in this world has ever been more important to me than sharing God's word with my children.
In fact, many years ago, when I had re-entered the "church going" world, I became very involved in not only educating my children, but volunteering in Sunday school classes, youth group and eventually taking over the entire program as Superintendent.
I remember back then not really knowing what I was doing exactly, but knowing I not only wanted my kids to learn God's word, but KNOW it, live by it, and love it.
I didn't just want to teach them, I wanted them to want me to teach them and I wanted them to enjoy it.

I dug in deep and honestly, I wasn't exactly sure where to start, but I prayed for God's guidance and it came to me.
When I was in Sunday school, I hated attending. It was boring, outdated, and felt a little too much like "regular school".
I didn't want that for my kids or anyone else's kids because, quite frankly, God is anything but boring.
I wanted the kids to be fascinated.

And so, I researched and researched and had to re-learn stories and moments in the Bible and tried to find interesting ways to teach the kids. (more on how I did it later)
The key was me knowing what I was teaching them and loving what I was teaching.
Quite frankly, it had been SO many years since I had really lifted my Bible from my shelf and I was sketchy at best on my Biblical facts and I suddenly had so many souls resting on my knowledge and guidance and I needed help.
Lots of help.

I turned to the internet and it required me to study like I have never studied before.
I put an amazing amount of time into not only teaching myself again about God, but then turned it into lessons that not only kept the kids coming back for more, but led to our church's children's ministry growing and growing.
In just one year, we tripled in size.
God is amazing.

I took a few years off from teaching to focus on my family and our healing from some difficult trials, but now I am being called back to teaching,
back to nurturing my soul again, which is just what I need.

This time around, I will be using an awesome website I just found called OneVerse to help me.
It's amazing. It's as if God placed it right at my fingertips at just the moment He called on me for action.
OneVerse has something called KidsDiscover, which is a FREE interactive parent resource for Bible story telling. (see what I mean about it being just what I needed???) It's meant to help parents to be able to better share the Bible with their children in an interesting and informative manner, but I am 100% certain it will also help me to be a better teacher to the 2nd & 3rd graders that I will be teaching as well.

I'll be honest, when I was considering going back to teaching, the thought of taking on a big bunch of 7-9 year old boys & girls was daunting, to say the least. Now, I am feeling so much more confident in my knowledge and I'm certain that God had everything to do with making certain I had all the resources I needed to make me a successful teacher this year.

I can not wait for rally day next week.
I will begin sowing the seeds and harvesting the rewards in no time,
His time.
And what a wonderful blessing it will be.


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