Monday, May 4, 2009

Tuesday Blog Party ~ Inspirational Gift Basket

From now until May 12th, I am holding this give-away to help benefit the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation.
Tuesday was the beautiful twin daughter of my dear friend Jessica Kate who bravely fought and sadly lost her 8 month battle with stage 4 neuroblastoma in January of this year.
My friends and I from Jess' multiples group have decided to put together an annual blog party to help raise funds to fight pediatric cancer, specifically neuroblastoma, as it is the least funded of ALL cancers yet one of the most fatal :(
My Give-Away is for:
Inspirational Gift Basket

Basket includes:
DVD, Facing the Giants
CD, Wow Essentials. If you like the music playing on our blog, you will LOVE this CD
Daily Devotional, Daily Inspiration for The Purpose Driven Life (hard copy)
4 Prayer stones

All you have to do to enter to win this auction is simply leave me a comment letting me know you are interested in winning this and then, be sure to donate $1 to the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation.

Also, head on over to the Tuesday Blog Party to see what other fantastic items are being auctioned off by clicking the image below.

There are lots of great auctions going on and all it costs is one dollar to enter each one.
If you would like to make one donation, instead of many individual donations, please feel free to donate however is easiest for you.
If you end up donating $10, but only find 5 auctions you are interested in, you can use those additional dollars as additional entries :)

Thank you so much for supporting a great cause and remember to have fun!
Good luck!


Jen Clark said...

Count me in! Great blog party, great basket!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Love this basket. I'm in for one entry! :)

The Corradetti Clan said...

I would love to win this basket. That is an excellent CD.

Count me in $1

Kate said...

This is a wonderful basket! Count me in for $1.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Count me in.....

purplemoose said...

I think I'll sign up for this one too! :)

Ora said...

I love this one! My prayer life definitely needs a boost!

mama said...

Can you put me in one more time please? Thanks!

Ora said...

My last dollar goes to the one most needed- again...

Kathy said...

Please enter me for the drawing.

Kathy D.

Kathy said...

Entering a second time.

-Kathy D.


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