Wednesday, January 13, 2010

**Bump** Prayer Intercession


I know my guest posting on this blog has been few and far between. I am currently asking especially between the hours of 9:30 and 11 you pray for Roberts Wesleyan campus and just be a source of intercession as they have their first prayer group of the second semester.

I truly believe God's high and mighty will, is going to reign through the campus and shock us all. Please lift each of us students up in your prayers as this is an extremely difficult and trying time to seek God's will and discern what is correct for our lives. Statistics show that college years are frequently when faith is totally lost. I ask that this is not the case and that the students that attend will learn even more what it is like to be the Salt and Light of the world. Let them realize their purpose under God and know that their prayer life is so incredibly important.

I specifically ask for prayer of Brent Riling, as he recently lead a campaign for fasting from facebook for seven days between Christmas Day and New Years. Pray for sustaining his passion and the light that he can show others through his passion.

I also ask that you will lift up Bryan Picciotto in prayer as he leads the prayer group tomorrow night. I ask that God's grace and peace pours over him and that he will be washed with the blood of Christ; as I tossed this into his lap this evening because I could not be there to lead.

I just ask that through this everyone is touched and blessed beyond imagination through the prayer. I ask specific healing to my body as the last two days I have had multiple seizures on and off and been extremely sick and that has weakened my body beyond imagination. Also if you could please post this to your blog and share it with others as we lift this campus up in prayer at 9:30 tomorrow 1/14/2009. God can do HUGE things

My Prayer:

We surrender our city and lives to you dear Lord. Whether our city and may be a campus with many people seeking to know you deeper or a small town dear Lord. I just ask that we come to know you in a more realistic and intense way dear Lord and that you become our lover and our provider of all things. Dear God, I just ask that you sustain us as we become frustrated and help us rejoice with you above all others when good is passed our way. I just ask that we have spirits of praise and thanksgiving and we remember:
You are the God of this city.

Read what I had to say on my personal blog here.

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BoufMom9 said...

Will be saying prayers tomorrow at 9:30. May all of the students who are lost, find their way and those who are on the right path, remain there.


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